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15 Silver nanoparticleITO hybrid edit ITO has been popularly used as a high-quality flexible substrate to produce flexible electronics. Hwang, Kibum Kim,. B.Kalpana role OF flexible working methods aareer enabler FOR increasing workforce participation OF women IN india itra...
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Explained of Matter and its Changes in The Wisdom of the Ancients (1605; repr., London: Dodo Press, 2008 29-30. It enables the learned men, who have studied extensively, to critically examine issues, and arrive at the right conclusion. Yet..
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Life on the global assembly line summary essay

life on the global assembly line summary essay

of the country seeking a higher income in difference between education in us and ukraine essay the city, some for a husband. . Also, our wonderful United States of America donating 400 million dollars to put women through hell doesnt make me particularly happy. However, the thing I dont understand is why the governments of these Third World nations would want the corporations in their country. 400 million dollars could certainly help the Third World nations in ways other than female exploitation. The author is a self prolaimed feminist and it shows throughout the article. . On the other hand, the least we could do is make sure the factories are healthy and clean for the employees. . I like the fact that this essay is supported by facts and has commentary from actual women experiencing this event. . Many people are happy to be able to work and make some pocket change while others are crying human rights violations all over the place. . Secondly women in the factories and the sweat shops and other business establishments are always the ones that work the hardiest and then they find out that they are the first ones to be laid off. Advertisements, entry filed under: class works. Was in total shocked when i was done reading the article for the number of times Malaysia was mentioned in the article, having it related to third world countries and cheap en I read the introduction of the authors and found out the article was.

Malaysia is politically stable, has a steady growth in economy and a relatively well distribution of wealth that most neighboring countries like Thailand and Vietnam envy. None of us really know what the working conditions in these countries are like. . We have a former tallest building in the world, one of the top ranking airports in the world and free, accesible(but sometimes, distorted) education system. Tun Dr Mahathir, or Dr M, as we like to call him when he was in position of Prime Minister, had pro-foreign investments policy during his 20 some years of reign. Well first off I think this article that the author wrote about is true! I do not know what is the correct thing. . The town where i lived in ( for the last 18 years of my life) has an industrial park nearby. As we all well know, this is not the case. .

life on the global assembly line summary essay

For example, an assembly line female worker working in US may get up to 5 a hour, whereas in third world countries, the same work would earn a woman up to 5 a day!
In the article Life on the Global Assembly Line Barbara Ehrenreich and Annette Fuentes did a very good job of portraying what was really going on in the lives of women working in an assembly line in Third World countries.
I felt like the authors were not happy about what the corporations were doing.

During peak hours, the buses hired by the factory to ship factory workers to and from their work place would jam up the whole intersection and cause a massive jam. . During his time as PM, he encouraged foreign corporations investing in the Malaysian soil and set forth a bloom in the industrial business as well as economic growth in Malaysia. Finally, vote RON paul 2008. My suggestion is that we go straight to the people and a vote be conducted to determine whether these employees are really as unhappy as we make them to be, or if this is all just hype. . In my opinion, if we give them a plae to work, at least make it sanitary. . What Im trying to say is that however critical the authors of this article are on huge corporation from the first world countries setting up factories and taking advantage of the lower wage level of the third word countries, it is up to the leaders of these. There is a huge Western Digital factory next to the highway. Growing up as a child in Malaysia for me was no different(sometimes better) than most people my age here in the United States. Additionally, by focusing on education we would keep the factory jobs here in the United States which would strengthen our economy. . I personally know a few in the similar situation and the higher wage they acquire from this job fulfills not only neccesities but also brings luxuries to their family living in the poorer areas. Obviously, I believe what the corporations are doing is a terrible act that demonstrates complete exploitation of people in poverty, but I also feel that the Third World governments are even more to blame.

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